Nanna Mez

About Us


I am an Early Childhood/Special Education Teacher and a Nan, who has combined all of these special areas of my life to create a unique program for significant adults to share with young people in their lives.
It all started when I realised that the distance of 700 klms between our Grandson and ourselves was vast. Our Grandson was almost 2 years old.
How could we share our lives and create positive memories when we lived so far apart?
How could we share and contribute to his life and learning?
We visit almost every school holidays but it just wasn’t enough.  
We could have communicated by telephone or by Skype, but how meaningful would those communications be?  
How much would he remember?
What would our conversations sound like?
“How are you”?  “What have you been doing”?
I knew that as he aged, telephone conversations would be very relevant but  how could we have a positive, long term, meaningful and sharing relationship with him?
I thought that writing a letter would be a great way to share, then THE Light bulb moment!!!!     
I know that many children with Special Needs learn so much more when they are presented with pictures and illustrations, I know young children show such pleasure when looking at and reading books.
I thought that writing an illustrated, weekly letter would show him what we had been doing and an interactive letter would add a great deal of fun and learning. All letters have photographs and pictures. My very first letter had a photograph of myself and a friend wearing dress –up clothes and many other clip art illustrations.
What impact have the letters had?  My husband and I visited Sydney, when our Grandson was 2, that week’s  letter included photographs of The Sydney Harbour Bridge. Four months later, when we were visiting, a television reporter was standing in front of the Harbour Bridge, our Grandson said “NannaMez, that’s where you and Pa went. WOW, what an impact.
We now have so many things to talk about and share.
Our grandson tells me which interactive activities he prefers and can readily locate each letter stored in his folders when he wants to share with me and answer questions.
Our grandson now writes letters to other loved ones in his life.
What an amazing impact these letters have had. A huge thank you so much to our Daughter-In –Law for spending time reading, interacting and sharing.