Nanna Mez


The idea off writing a letter these days seems tedious and time consuming in one’s busy life. However, this fading activity has been an ever increasing part of our life consistently for the last 2 and a half years.
With the tyranny of distance between my son and his grandparents who live in another state, the reality of  receiving a letter addressed personally to my son, arriving in the letterbox every week, has been a constant reminder that his grandparents are not very far away.
 As we sit down and read through the letters together, he is so totally unaware of how differently we interpret them. To my son and his total innocence it’s a fun interesting way to enjoy something that makes him feel important and  something that he can interact  with whilst having a constant communication with his Nan and Pa.
From My point of view, it has been a slowly unfolding educational lesson on how important this kind of communication can be. These letters address so many different issues in a child’s life without them having any clue that this is happening. For example,he shows excitement and happiness when he collects it from the letterbox.
 He enjoys being told stories about events and activites that other family members interstate have been taking part in. He  particularly loves seeing photos of past events and times spent together, evoking reminders of happy times.
These letters written by my mother-inlaw also include educational information  used in simple conversations, and activity pages that are fun, especially the coloring in page.  However my favourite part is when she asks him how he is feeling, with a listing of different answers with the matching visual symbols. This is a great way for me as a mother to find out the answer without actually asking a question that has a standard answer to, which can then instigate a conversation that can discuss his feelings especially if they are negative.
The impact of these letters are having a fantastic and positive affect on my son without him knowing it. It has only been with the benefit of time that I can look back and recognise this. He constantly recounts things that have been mentioned in previous letters- normally things that I would never have been able to recount.
These old fashion letters have formed an integral part of his learning and communication with not only his grandparent but people general. These simple pieces of paper constantly remind him that he is in their thoughts and being sent love- the next best thing without the advantage of physical contact and presence.
The event of letter receiving has made him feel very special. It has in fact inspired him to want to write and send letters on a regular basis to people that are special to him.
I certainly have underestimated the impact that letters such as these can actually have on a child and I’m sure in years to come, he will think back to his childhood with fond memories of receiving regular letters and how good they made him feel. I’m sure the impact of that pen and paper will last a lifetime.”

Vanessa Hancock
Mother of 5year old boy.


Our cousin who is five years old, is so cute. He has been writing letters to us and sending them in the mail. We know that he gets letters of his own from his Nan, and that he loves it when they arrive in the letterbox, so I think he thinks that we will love it too. He draws pictures and wirtes his name and puts kisses. He is  learning to write at school, so he puts more alphabet letters on them now. We love the letters and we love him.”


Sisters,  Zaynie-12yrs old and Millie-10yrs old.